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Welcome to Charming LDS Gifts - a unique store that offers inexpensive, meaningful little gifts
generally used for special lessons, activities and programs in Primary, Young Women`s, Relief Society and FHE.
As you browse through the pages you will be thrilled to realize that these gifts are also great for
Birthdays, Christmas, Teacher Gifts, Mother`s Day and much more.
With low pricing and secure credit card processing you can actually
Enjoy shopping at Charming LDS Gifts !

Best Sellers New Items Product Information


2014 "Come unto me"
22mm Sculptured Christus, from the Temple visitor centers.
$1.99 (US Dollars)

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Ladys Boot - Silver
1/2in Tall x 3/4in Wide
$0.99 $0.99 On Sale! (US Dollars)

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Baby Jesus - Silver
3/4in Tall x 1/2in Wide
$1.29 (US Dollars)

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Book with glasses
This book with glasses is great to do with the value knowledge, or anything related to learning and reading.
$1.29 (US Dollars)

Fleur de lis

$1.29 (US Dollars)


shoe- high heel
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Treble Cleff - Silver

$1.29 $0.99 On Sale! (US Dollars)

2013standyeinholyplaces 2013 -stand ye in holy places
Size 24mm- silver color
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$0.99 (US Dollars)

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Articles of Faith Kit Bracelet
"Includes all numbers, 9mm split rings, faith charm, the and 7.25 inch Bracelet. %60 savings if you purchased each item separately !!

These are the bracelets shown in the Friend Magazine November 2011 page 18.

The children love to earn a number when they have memorized one of the Articles of Faith and are really motivated to compete the set. The parents love them because they have an easy way to keep track of the ones that have been learned and which ones they still need to work on. It really is a win - win situation. Most girls absolutely LOVE wearing these bracelets but the younger girls (including my daughter) shed tears when they can't remember where they last put their bracelet. Some girls are very conscientious and absolutely treasure them so you get to decide between the bracelets and the key rings. PS. The kits include the new numbers 10,11,12,13 charms. We need to update the pictures."
$14.38 $8.75 On Sale! (US Dollars)

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Book Of Mormon - Silver
3/4in Tall x 1/2in Wide
"We are so excited to have this charm! This is a fun little gift to give for reading the Book of Mormon. It is great for Primary, Young Women?s, Relief Society and missionaries. They are so cute, we know you will love this darling charm."
$1.29 (US Dollars)

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Book Of Mormon Tie - Silver
wonderful Birthday gifts for the Primary children 2011 theme "I know the Scriptures are True" Give the girls a charm and the boys a tie tack. The will keep them forever.
$1.99 (US Dollars)

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2012 Mutual Theme - Silver
1/2 in Tall x 5/8 in Wide
Brand New Charm!!! This is an absolutely gorgeous charm. Put it on a necklace, bracelet, keyring or bookmark. It will serve as the perfect reminder of the 2012 Mutual theme and Arise and Shine Forth. As always, we guarantee you will LOVE this charm or your money back.
$2.99 $1.99 On Sale! (US Dollars)

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Bracelet 7.25 in - Silver
"Don't be afraid of the 99-cent price because these are great bracelets. Of course this is not heirloom quality jewelry made of precious metal. But the chain is made of unsoldered steel, it has a strong lobster clasp and is plaited in either silver or gold. I think you will be pleased at the quality and I know you will love the price. These exact bracelets sell for $5 to $10 in stores. The reason that I can sell them to you at this price is because I don't buy expensive packaging, I don't have to pay a middleman, overhead or labor. I know how small your budget is and I really wanted to offer a good product that you could afford. Remember, everything that I sell has a %100 money back guarantee. I think you will be very pleased!"
$4.99 $0.99 On Sale! (US Dollars)

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Salt Lake Temple - Medallion - Silver

3/4 inch x 3/4 inch

This temple charm is perfect for the 2009 Primary Theme "My Eternal Family"
$1.29 (US Dollars)

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CTR Pennant - Silver
5/8in Tall x 5/8in Wide
$1.99 (US Dollars)

All of our charms are made in the USA. All of our jewelry is made from high quality cast pewter with gold or silver plating.
We are keeping your cost down by sending you unassembled components without expensive packaging.

Your complete satisfaction is our #1 goal so we offer a 100% money back guarantee on all products.