2016 Mutual Theme - The Charms are Here!

The 2016 Mutual Theme Charm is Here!!!
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2015 Mutual theme is here! "Embark in the service of God"

This years design is a  two sided decorative  heart shape (My favorite),

On the front, the words:" Embark in the Service of God"

 Printed on the back: "Heart, might, mind, strength"

The bale is new, (at least I've never seen it before), The scripture source is printed on both sides. " D&C 4:2"

You can wear with either side showing.

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Charm Bracelet that will help you remember a special day in your life....Your Baptism

Feet....These will help remind you about the steps you've taken between birth and baptism.

#8........This is the age when Heavenly Father feels like you are old enough to be accountable for your own choices so this is the age when you get baptized.

Promise...When you are baptized you make promises to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Father makes promises to you also. These promises are called covenants.

Girl Praying....This will remind you that you can talk to heavenly father anytime and anywhere. He will always listen when you pray.

Scriptures...The scriptures teach us the things we need to know to return to our Heavenly Father. They are the way that Heavenly Father talks to us.

CTR..........Stands for Choose the right. In just a few minutes when you are baptized, you will be responsible for the choices you make, so always remember to choose the right.

Flashlight....This will remind you of the Holy Ghost . Just like a flashlight will help lead us in the dark, the Holy Ghost will lead us when we have decisions to make.

Heart..........The heart shows how much you are loved by your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brother, sister, and most importantly by Jesus and Heavenly Father.

Child of God....This will help remind you that you are one of Heavenly Father's special daughters and you can return to live with him by following the commandments.


This baptism talk was submitted by Debbie Sparks. She spoke about each charm on the bracelet and what it represented, then presented the bracelet as a gift to wear to always remember what baptism means.

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