2016 Mutual Theme - The Charms are Here!

I am so excited for these wonderful charms to finally be here!  It is such a process to think up, and design the new charm once the church announces it's theme for the upcoming year.  I can't begin to tell you how many ideas start floating through my mind.  I come up with a few sketches and then, honestly, I begin to pray.  I hope for inspiration and guidance to make something that will be truly meaningful when you wear it.  This year, I have seen a number of graphic designs that include an arrow as the symbol of next year's theme - Press Forward with a Steadfastness in Christ.  However, this symbol just wasn't sitting right with me.  After all, isn't Christ the center of our faith?  Isn't it Christ whom we look to for our salvation?  Isn't it Christ who gives us hope so that we can "press forward?"  

As I thought about this, it was so obvious to me that Christ needed to be the charm for this year.  I love this new charm.  I love looking at it, and thinking every day as I put on my bracelet, about Him and His sacrifice for us.  I hope that each of you can do the same.  Thank you for your continued support!  I have some truly exciting things in the works for this upcoming year and can't wait to share them with you!  Have a charming day!


Alicia Guerrero


Alicia Guerrero

Thanks for your comment! We do have the charm in gold! Also, the stackable bracelet will be available in about a week. We ran out of one of the components, and are waiting for it to come in. Check back next Friday, and I will hope to have it back up on the website!

Alicia Guerrero

These charms look beautiful. I love that you felt impressed and choose Christ as the symbol. Perfect for the 2016 theme! Will this charm and bracelet be available in gold?

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