Thank you for shopping at Charming LDS Gifts. We are dedicated to bringing you the best online shopping experience possible, so if you need something you don't see here, please let us know - we're happy to help you in any way we can.

Return and exchange Policy

We will give a refund for the first 10 days after the shipping date, less shipping charges and a $2 handling fee. There will be no returns on special orders, clearance items or orders older than 15 days from date of shipping. Restocking charges after 10 days to 15 days will be 25% of the order or $6 whichever is greater. There will be no refunds for shipping charges.

What are your business hours?

It has taken us years to admit that there is no such thing as "business hours" at Charming LDS Gifts. Alicia works as much as she can while juggling church callings, cooking, cleaning, laundry, doctors, dentists, homeschooling, etc. (I know all you women understand.) We never work on Sundays or Monday nights and try really hard not to work on Saturdays or holidays. Alicia has her cell phone with her 90% of the time, so you can call with any questions you may have.  Please keep in mind, though, we are on Eastern Standard Time out here in Boston, so if you are calling at 9 Utah time, we will most likely already be "lights out."

What about Customer Service?

If we don't pick up the phone when you call, please leave a message and we will always call back as soon as we possibly can. E-mail is generally the easiest way to communicate with us. Honestly, our only goal is to make sure that you are happy with your order so you may have to be a little patient waiting for our call, but we promise we will take care of you when we get to you. We try our hardest to never make mistakes on orders but we have learned that it is impossible to get it correct every time. Hopefully you will notify us of any mistakes we make and that you will forgive us for the inconvenience that it causes you. We honestly mean it when we say that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so make sure you let us know your concerns and we will make sure you are happy.

How long does it take to get an order?

We try to keep a minimum of 200 of each charm in stock at all times and we do a pretty good job of it March - September. This means that we can usually fill your order the day after we receive it. We use priority mail with the post office and they can usually get it to you in 2-3 days. On the other hand, October - February can get extremely crazy and it frequently takes us 2-7 days to fill the order and then shipping is 2-3 days. If we sell out of a charm right before we get to your order then you could wait 7-10 days before we can fill the order and another 2-3 for shipping, but we will try to let you know when that happens. Most of the time we will send you all that we have and then we will pay for shipping you the back ordered items when they come in. Most of the time we can fill rush orders when you are in a big hurry, but you need to call first to see what our current situation is. If you can order 2 weeks before you need them then neither of us has to stress.

How do you ship the orders? How much is Shipping?

We use the United States Post Office priority mail. We charge a flat rate of $7.75 per order if shipped in the US. We can also do Express orders in the US for $24.99 but the post office does not always guarantee overnight so it may take 2 days for shipping. We ship to any country outside the United States who has an agreement with our post office to handle priority mail and it is $28.99USD. You can look on this link to see if your country has priority mail service. http://pe.usps.gov/text/imm/immctry.htm

We have had questions about why there isn't another option for shipping.  Alicia has thought long and hard about this, and to be honest, it is much easier to have your products shipped in a way that is both insured and trackable.  How frustrating would it be if you called and asked "Where's my charms?" and the only answer was, "Well, I sent them out."  This way there is proof it was sent and proof it was delivered and no issues in between.  However, if you are ordering only a few charms, please feel free to call and we'll see about sending it just regular first class mail.  

Do you give a discount for Bulk orders? Do you have coupons?

Because are prices are already as low as we can go, we are unable to give any discounts (even for large orders) and we do not have any coupons. We have made the decision to offer our lowest price online to all of our customers at all times. Our profit margin is just too small and we will be forced to go out of business if we lower our prices any more. Hopefully our great prices will still fit into your budget.

How long have you been in business? Do you plan to stay in business?

It is hard to believe, but we opened Charming LDS Gifts in 2002. (Two of our children are married now.  Our youngest son is in college and our youngest daughter is a senior in high school, so we are almost empty nesters!)  We plan to continue to stay in business as long as people still want our products. It has been a remarkable experience and we absolutely love our customers so we are in it for the long haul. Thanks for making our little family business an amazing success.

Do you have a store that we can come to and shop?

No, we work from our house and Alicia homeschools, so we are usually quite busy all day long.

Can I pick up my order to save shipping charges?

Unfortunately picking up your order is no longer an option, unless, of course, you want to fly to Boston to see me!

What if I want a charm that is not on your website?

Please feel free to contact Alicia and let her know what you are looking for.  She may or may not be able to find it for you!  But she will always give it her best shot!

Can you custom make a charm for me?

The process to have a custom charm made is long, tedious and expensive. It takes about 2-3 months and requires a lot of money for the design fees and mold making fees and a minimum order of 1000 on top of that. It can be done, but it is not feasible for most people. We try to have a few custom charms made each year so let us know what you are looking for and we will decide if we think that it will sell. We love to hear your ideas.

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