Split Rings 9 mm - Silver

Title: Split Rings 9 mm - Silver
Okay, now that you have a charm you have to have a way to attach it to the bracelet, necklace, key ring or zipper pull. These split rings are the best thing that I have found so far although they are a pain to put on. They are like a tiny key ring. Once you slide the charm on it will never come off and you won't have to worry about lost charms. If you have a lot of charms to do, I suggest that you purchase a `split ring tool` to make your job even easier. (It will save you from having to open it up with your fingernail or a knife.) These little things really are worth the effort. I highly recommend them but if you want to save a little money or don't want the hassle of putting them on then you can buy some "jump rings" at a craft store, Wal-mart or a jewelry store.
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